Solar Powered Street and Park Lighting.

Savings - Powered by Savepower Solar Powered Sustainability:

Quick specs

Solar powered street, park and pathway lights:

Savepower solar powered street, park and pathway lights are easy to install, are reliable and very cost effective, they are a great lighting solution at site locations where mains power electricity is not available or is to expensive to implement.

Ease of Location:

Solar powered street lights can be used in most locations, where there is full Sunlight available, as no mains power source is required, they can be installed for lighting at parking lots, streets, parks and pathways, and in remote locations by simply fitting them to a pole.

Lower Initial Cost:

Solar powered street lighting is less expensive to purchase and install than traditional main powered HID street lights; as traditional street lighting requires significant infrastructure, engineering, and costly installation including the trenching of power cabling and power from the grid is required to run the lights, along with long-term on going power costs.

Improved Safety:

Solar powered street lights do not require connection to mains power, they have an Extra low voltage stand alone DC power source which is safer and easier to install. Solar powered street lights are not effected by mains power cuts, the lights remain on as they have a stand alone power source, reducing the chance of accidents and the constant light deters theft/vandalism from nearby businesses, during power cuts at night.

No more power bills, ZERO pollution and CO2 emissions:

The operational power cost of a solar powered street light is ZERO , as all the power needed to run a solar powered street light at night is all generated by the solar array converting light from the Sun during the day into electricity, which is then efficiently stored in a battery, for use at night. Traditional mains powered HID street lights use power from mains power grid systems, which are fed by a power generation plant, that generates electricity and is usually coal or gas fired, which costs money and causes pollution and CO2 emissions.

Reduced Crime:

Our Savepower solar powered street lights have the power source (battery) located directly on the light fixture reducing the risk of damage and theft.

Low Insect attraction:

Our Savepower solar powered street lights uses LED lighting technology, which does not produce Infrared light, or high heat and will not attract insects. (No more mozzies and other insects that are normally attracted to traditional inefficient HID lights.)

Fast installation:

No need to trench power lines to the pole, run electrical wires up the pole and connect wires to an electrical grid, or hard wire the street light, the installation is much faster and more cost effective.

No Mercury or Lead:

Our Savepower solar powered street lights uses LED lighting technology, which does not contain Heavy metals, such as Lead or Mercury gas that traditional HID lights do.

Low Environmental impact:

Our Savepower solar powered street lights are a complete stand alone system they have a very low Environmental impact, are durable, long lasting and recylable.

Savepower Pty Ltd has many stand alone solar lighting systems that have been running for over 6 years, without any failures.

So remember that old saying "Oils ain't Oils" well "Solar ain't Solar", when you choose your next supplier for stand alone solar lighting systems.

Savepower product philosophy - Powered by Savepower innovative design, proven technology and field testing:

Savepower designs and manufactures high quality custom solar and mains powered energy efficient Induction and LED lighting systems, all with proven reliability and durability. With an Savepower factory warranty, and 24/7 back-up support, you and your team will have the peace of mind that our products won’t let you down. Our philosophy is that, if you do have a problem with any of our products, we will solve it as soon as humanly possible. This is why we spend so much effort to make our products to the best possible design and quality, so that from day one they work, both reliably and as designed, and the reason why savepower is the prefered supplier for sustainable and energy efficient lighting solutions to customers with Australian and International projects.

Savings - Powered by Savepower lighting technology:

Our stand alone solar LED lighting systems, can offer a payback time, as little as one to two years from power savings. Our mains powered energy efficient LED lighting systems offer 50% to 70% power savings, with up to 5 times the life of existing Metal halide and other HID lighting technology, and also offering a fast payback time of one to two years from power savings.

Savepower customer base - Powered by Savepower proven reliability:

Savepower designs and manufactures sustainable, and environmentally frendly, high quality, custom solar and mains powered energy efficient Induction and LED lighting systems. All our lighting systems are designed to Australian standards, and come with a full 3 year warranty. We also provide Savepower solar powered and Savepower mains powered lighting systems to the mining industry, Australian councils and government departments, including mainroads and parks. Internationally we export to the Pacific Island Nations, including, Fiji, the Cook islands, and to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the Middle East including UAE.

Savepower your Professional Choice for reliable solar stand-alone LED lighting systems and energy efficient mains powered LED and Induction lighting systems.

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