Stainless steel SP XD LED 30W explosion proof bulkhead light

The SP XD LED -30W mining safety tunnel light is specially designed for tunnel illumination of underground mines, industry plant and offshore oil plant, which has potential explosive atmospheres or combustible dust, sulfide or salt in the air. Quick Specs

Advantages: Absolutely corrosion proof, explosion proof, it is a very good item for coal mine, metal mine and offshore oil plant; Reducing energy by 7 times, the energy you saved for one year using is enough to buy the lamp. Very long lifetime, and no maintenance cost.

Housing material:
stainless steel with nickel plated, absolutely corrosion proof bulletproof PC lens with antistatic oil painted, which can support more than 20J impact, no need metal mesh as normal light

Light source:
6pcs American CREE XM LED, total power 30 watt, initial output lumens is 3000 lumens. Life time: more than 50,000 hours CRI: 78, color temperature: 6500K

Patented reflectors enable the lamp to illuminate the underground passage uniformly, 160 degree beam angle in longituginal plane, and 120 degree in transverse plane

Electrical: Input: AC85-265V, 50/60HZ, or DC24-36V, no critical to voltage drops. Total power consumption is only 33watt, reducing energy consumption.

Long life span, and no maintenance cost, absolutely corrosion proof, explosion proof, dust proof and water proof.

Rated: water proof: IP67 Corrosion proof: WF2 EXD I, EXD IIB T5 (for Zone 1 and 2, Zone 21 and 22 )

Approval: ATEX (In process) CSA (in process) FM (in process)


Total power consumption: 33watt Input voltage: AC85-265V, or DC24-36V, Power factor (λ): >0.9 High power LED brand: CREE CRI: 78 CCT: 6500K Output lumens: 3000 lumens Corrosion proof grade: WF2 IP Classification: IP67 Explosion protection classification: EXD I, EXD IIB T5 Equipment category: Group I, Group II
Area classifications (gases): Zone 1 and 2, Gas Group: IIA, IIB, Area classification (dusts): Zone 21 and 22, Temperature classification: T5 Dimension: 24 * 12 * 8.9cm weight: 5kg

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